Locating and shipping cars, motorcycles, boats or jet-skis and parts for any of these from the US to Europe can be both costly and time-consuming. Some companies selling parts will NOT ship internationally at all.  Some vehicles and parts sold privately are available for local pick-up only, and you need someone to get it for you.

We specialize in finding and shipping parts from the US to Europe, and we can do this and more for you.

Are you restoring or want to upgrade your classic American car, boat or motorcycle, and the parts you need are only available used or New Old Stock on Ebay?   We can help; contact us for the details ,and you can have the seller ship the parts directly to us.  We can store the parts for you until you have purchased everything you want to ship together.  We will combine them in larger packages and ship them to you according to the service you prefer.

For light-weight items, we can ship via regular mail if you want it fast.  For heavy or bulky items we can ship in a container on a ship that takes about 30 days. We can also ship complete cars, boats, motorcycles and Jet-skis either in a container or on a RORO ship (cars only).  This takes more planning, but is not as expensive as you might think.         

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