Finding Parts for European Cars in the USA

Most European car and motorcycle enthusiasts would probably think of looking for parts for only American cars and motorcycles here in the US.; however, since the US is a very large market, with traditionally low taxes on cars, more exotic and rare European cars have been sold here than anywhere else. There are several main factors which explain this.

First, some of these cars were special versions for the American market, while others were just sold in much larger numbers here because of their appeal to the American market.

Second, cars in the US often last much longer than in Europe, at least compared to the northern countries. States such as California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and Texas have areas that are very dry and temperate, where cars do not rust much, if at all. Compared to countries and areas in northern Europe where salt is being used on the roads in the winter and the humidity is above 60% most of the year, cars in these areas in the US last much longer.

Third, there are no recycling requirements for cars in most places in the US, such as is the case in most of Europe. While driving through the countryside in, for example, Texas, one can still see old cars left behind barns and sheds, instead of being crushed and recycled into nails. It is not unusual to find examples of a 1960s Volvo for sale, such as the one pictured above, with original paint, in good shape, in any of the above-mentioned states.

The result is that European car enthusiasts living in Europe can look here in the US to obtain the hard-to-find parts that they need for restoring their vehicles, and they tend to be in better shape than those found in Europe.